somebody need music for there indie movie

. Type: Music Collaboration

Submit By: 5/21/2017

Country: Malaysia

Language: English


Boyrazak is a Music Programmer and Producer, Audio and Sound Designer. Originally from Tawau, Sabah but currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, He works with local artistes and also those around the world. A&R Production provides its clients with high-quality Mixing, Mastering, and Sound Designs for Visual Media. Boyrazak is the co-creator and current owner of A&R PRODUCTION.
We have just completed Movie scoring for a Malay movie called "Darah Panas" which is produced by Merpati White Studio, shown in movie theatres in June. In July 2015, we produced 8 songs for a new, local Indie Artist. A&R Production has also produced several jingles for overseas clients, namely in the US and Africa. Currently, A&R Production is doing soundtracks for several local movies and dramas

Genres: Action, Composer, Horror, Suspense, War

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for the payment we can use paypal easy.