Short extreme sport videos seeking music

. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 2/12/2012

Country: United States

Language: English


need lots of music! will be in short edits of mostly snowboarding. Great edits to be in the music scene is huge and combined with snowboard action is great need a inspirational instrumental part for the intro and plenty of other good music for the rest of the film. up beat, hip hop, strong back beat combined with good instrumentals and more. Will be making several edits this year and will list music on the video as it starts and at the end plus you will have rights to use the video also to promote your music! email me some track the more the better. I can also promote your music on my "playlist" page and link to your site as well for more exposure.

Pay Details:

Will possibly pay a little if the song is great. otherwise displaying music in several ways and giving u rights to the video are great compensation especially in the Snowboard industry everyone loves new music