Seeking score for full length documentary

. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 2/21/2015

Country: United States

Language: English


Seeking score for full length documentary. Primarily looking for AMBIENT, or SIMPLE piano, acoustic guitar or strings as beds of music under interviews. Haunting music with vocals would also be welcomed.

Also looking for RELIGIOUS HYMNS and New Orleans Jazz.

Please review the synopsis of the film below to get a sense of the tone of the film.

On June 24, 1973, an arsonist set fire to a gay bar in New Orleans called the Up Stairs Lounge. The result was the largest gay mass murder in U.S. history. Despite the staggering historical significance, few people know about the tragedy. Thirty-two people were killed and some bodies were never identified because their families were ashamed that the victims were gay. No one was ever charged with the crime. The tragedy did not stop at the loss of lives. There were also the delayed injuries: lost jobs, fear, public ridicule and severed families. The devastation was compounded by the homophobic reactions and utter lack of concern by the general public, government and religious leaders. The fire permanently altered lives and was the root of many lifelong struggles.

Pay Details:

Credit only. We provide a page on our website that directs people to purchase your music from you and/or your licensed vendors. You name will be included in press packets as well. Example from