Psychological gay-themed thriller seeking music

. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 9/30/2014

Country: United States

Language: English


This is a new psychological gay-themed thriller currently in pre-production.

We are currently seeking music in a variety of genres to be used in a number of bar scenes (where a majority of the story takes place) in addition to party scenes, and overall soundtrack needs.

Coming out of a bad relationship, Shane finds it too easy to fall for the outgoing Jared after a few drinks and a night of tangled sheets. However, disappointed with end results, and realizing his heart jumped into rebound too quickly, it isn\\\'t long before patience is lost and history repeats itself through a chance encounter with someone just as charming... But as realizations lead to confrontations, and secrets emerge, a love of a different kind pushes itself into the lives of three young men connected in ways they have only just begun to discover. Now, as lives intersect and the philosophies of love are challenged, the boys find themselves venturing into an emotional world of confusion, heartbreak, addiction, jealousy and more where nothing is quite what it seems... In the game of love, it is always safe to say that three is a crowd!!!

Pay Details:

At this point there is NO PAY. However, we will gladly supply you with credit and hope to release the soundtrack via iTunes (which could be a way to gain some compensation for attributing artists). We are also willing to work on deals for deferred pay, et