Dark feature length film seeks various music

. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 12/01/2014

Country: United States

Language: English


Abstract and surreal, this is a return to the dark art-house horror film. A movie that tells it\\\'s story in silence. Without any spoken dialog and surrounded in a cryptic and dark visual atmosphere, it is a film that builds on the journey and not the destination.

Six dead women wake up in the crawl space below their killer\\\'s house only to discover that they are trapped in their own limbo and purgatory. The house itself contains many rooms revealing hints and clues to their past lives and how they\\\'ve come to end up where they are. One by one and alone, each girl is forced to accept their fate or remain in place, between the walls of a rotting house.

This is a full length feature with no spoken dialog and relies heavily on the use of scored and cued music and sound fxs.

While we already have our temp music scored and complete, we are NOW looking for someone to create that second layer of sickening sound for the film. We want to create the little bits of atmosphere in the quiet moments between music score.

It is a very filthy, grotesque visual world and we only ask for a sound artist with passion who is willing to collaborate and get creative with us in bringing out the very best in this film through fresh ideas. Someone who isn\\\'t afraid to experiment and loves sound design as much as we do.

It was written and conceived to be a silent film, since then, things have changed and we NOW would like a minimalistic sound design. So, we are NOT looking for complete foley work but an entire separate organic score created for the \\\"deadzone\\\" soundscape that will play throughout the duration of the film.

We want that extra second layer of sound to help build up that feeling of rot and decay using ONLY the most vile and grotesque sound work from beginning to end. A constant background noise. ALL scored and cued DIRECTLY to picture. A soundscape that can play under and above the film\\\'s musical score. BUT using ONLY organic sounds.

It is broken up into SEVEN ten minute segments, each segment takes place in a different part of this rotting house with a unique scenario unto themselves. We would like to create these soundscapes tracks to run the entire duration on each sequence. Essentially 70 minutes of soundscape.

While we could drop the occasional sound effect here and there, we want to create this CONSTANT background noise. AGAIN, just cued and synched to picture. Using ONLY organic sounds. Examples: pipes dripping, meat squishing, LOTS of juicy sickening sounds to accompany the movie.

Our deadline for this sound work is December 1st but our movie will be made readily available to you using a private Vimeo link to each sequence for immediate work.

Pay Details:

Full credits on the finalized film and a signed cast and crew dvd plus mini poster