. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 3/20/2004

Country: United States

Language: English


We are a non-profit group that has a screenwriting contest every year and the winner gets their film made. Our most recent project tells the story of the main characters miserable and hilariously brief existence from birth to death in about 15 minutes. It was shot 35mm with multiple locations, cast and amazing cinematography and production design. It is a very funny film with lots of production value. Much in the vein of Rushmore or Raising Arizona in style. We are working on having a heavily sound designed finished film and looking for a composer to supply original music as well as work with sound designer to blend compostion and sound. Some lush orchaestral type work as well as mood pieces and ambient sound. Similar in style to way Punch Drunk Love was done. Would love to find someone who is as passionate about music and sound as we are passionate about this award winning project. Recently finished a rough cut with temp music that we want to screen for composers that are interested. Email Producer for details.