. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 1/31/2004

Country: United States

Language: English


A science fiction thriller that takes place in the Florida Everglades. After a plague consumes most human life on Earth, a handful of survivors make their way to the Everglades to attempt to rebuild their lives amidst aliens and a changing atmosphere.
A labour of love for several years now, we have finished all of the effects and the film. I would like to replace the soundtrack (that I composed two years ago) with something better. The bad news - there is no pay up front. the good news - I hold musicians in the highest regard, the film is done, and the composer will get paid on the back end. I am looking for an original score that will suit the dramatic environment and compassionate story. Music already completed is preferred, for we have meetings with several distributors near the beginning of the new year.