. Type: Film Seeking Music

Submit By: 1/31/2004

Country: United States

Language: English


We are in the final stages of post-production and we are looking for music.
The film already has some sound track in place but we are looking for more.
The type of music that we are looking for is as follows.
1. slow soft songs(like early years of Jewel)/(Dido(white flag)Sarah(Angel))
has to be emotional.
2. Mysterious/haunting
3. Hip-hop/rap (high energy)
4. High energy techno(like crystal method)

We are also looking for a composer to finish the score for the move.
We have about 70% if the movie done and need the rest.
Composer should be familiar with the following.
The Crow, Blade and movies of that genre.
The movie is a high energy action film with a love story and lost family members.

No email address or phone number given. Only address to mail CDs to.