Yev Visao


MR. VISION, popularly known as Yev Visao, was born and raised in New York City. He grew up around a wealth of diversity and variety in the entertainment industry, music in particular.

Having been around such a melting pot influenced him to the point where he felt there was no need to stick to a particular genre when making art.

During Yev’s junior year of college, he met with artist/producer, Maxx, who lived in Staten Island. On a sunny day in Spring, Visao embarked on his first of many 3 hour journeys to meet with Maxx in Staten Island where they started bringing this visions to life with Favela Entertainment Group.

As Yev continues his musical endeavors, his unique vision will only become that much more apparent. Visao hopes to share his music through but not limited to films, television, video games, web, and live performance.

"Yev Visao’s visceral music combines hard-hitting electro beats with brooding hip-hop. Their tracks “Run With Scissors” and “Let the Fire Burn” are two great examples of their stylistic versatility and general approach." - Andy Belt of Obscure Sounds.

You see it in the name - Visao is Portuguese for Vision. As a child, the quality Yev appreciated the most was his vision; his ability to see and create. Yev Visao relished in the sheer force of creativity to take him through the light and shade of existence. Through art, Yev Visao has no fear. He looks inside and leave no stone unturned in bringing out his vision.

Yev Visao is currently completing his debut album, "The Puzzler."

Contact Yev Visao through the “contact” tab or via email at for more information, especially if you are looking for music for your projects.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English