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Sonyae Elise; The Lady Rebel

Official Biography

In the dictionary it states that a "˜Rebel"™ is someone unconventional who opposes the codes and conventions of society, in simpler terms a "˜Rebel"™ is someone who doesn"™t follow the pack and stands out amongst the norm. New Jersey born R&B sensation Sonyae Elise, the "˜Lady Rebel"™ is out to show the world that her raw, heartfelt and passionate musical offerings stand out and exceed the norm.

Born in Newark, yet moving quite often throughout her home state of New Jersey, Sonyae always had aspirations of becoming something special. However, like a storyline out of 'American Gangster', Sonyae had some hardships to deal with revolving around her father"™s in and outs with the law. "˜Poppa was a rolling stone"™ says Sonyae, "˜I was definitely exposed to a lot of interesting information as a child"™ she continues. Sonyae"™s mother was a singer/songwriter and model her whole life, but after Sonyae was born, she fell back to handle the duties of being a full time mother. "˜We are very musical"™ Sonyae reminisces "˜I've been sleeping on studio couches since I was born"™ says Sonyae with a chuckle. She goes on to say "˜I have always been "ahead of the pack" so to speak, between my mothers musical lifestyle & my fathers street lifestyle, I was raised around adults so maintaining normal relationships with my peers has been quite the task.

Having worked in theatre since the third grade and studying it more thoroughly since middle school, Sonyae quickly gravitated towards on and off Broadway stage performance opportunities for acclaimed shows such as Lion King, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and Rag Time. Sonyae"™s musical influences range from 2 Pac to Prince, Linda Jones to Nas and Phyllis Hyman to Barbara Streisand. With no musical training, just a family history of talented musicians and producers, Sonyae linked up with Multi Platinum production duo "˜Midi Mafia"™ (50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez, Fantasia, Justin Bieber and more) at the tender age of 15 at Sony Records in NYC. Sonyae remembers back "˜I just gave them some music, they fell in love with it and we have been family ever since"™ Well since that day Sonyae has been extremely busy preparing for her time to shine, she has collaborated with some of the most sought out producers in the game such as Los Da Mystro (Trey Songz, Dream, Usher), Kwame (Pussy Cat Dolls, Christina Aguilerra, Mary J Blige), Soul Diggaz (Destiny"™s Child, Missy Elliot, Diddy) and Platinum artists such as Bow Wow and Omarion to name a few. She hopes to work with Andre 3000, Cee-Lo and Kanye West in the near future.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2010 and Sonyae Elise is poised to introduce herself to the world in her latest mix tape "˜Lady Rebel"™ which boasts original production from Midi Mafia, Ski Beats, A.U, Brite Ware and JV. "˜I want to provoke an emotion in every listener"™s lives when they hear my music"™ says an ambitious Sonyae Elise "˜ I want them to laugh, cry, heal, dance or scream, whatever they feel"™. With a lead single and video for "˜"™We Heard"™ (Retweet) Sonyae calls out insecure Internet thugs who talk tough while hiding behind the keyboard. With an aggressive viral marketing campaign including several remixes planned, "˜We Heard"™ (Retweet) should have the World Wide Web in a frenzy in no time at all.

So when it comes to the music industry and the norm that critics and music lovers alike love to dissect, please understand the value and originality of Sonyae Elise as well as her ability to stand alone as a "˜Rebel"™. "˜I just want to win and have a long lasting record breaking career"™ says Sonyae "˜3 years from now my goal is to emerge on the movie screen, have several endorsements and be recognized as a brand within the world of music. Other than that, I am a cancer, my favorite color is green, I love seafood (although I'm allergic) and I enjoy long walks on the beach... That is all!!

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