Raine Sumner


Female Singer/songwriter with lead vocals; Visit www.myspace.com/rainesumner for samples of her music.

As a singer Raine enjoys performing her pop, dance and adult contemporary songs. As a songwriter, Raine has written songs in the following genres: pop, dance/electronic, A/C, rock, christian, and country. Raine plays piano, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar.

A sophisticated and refined vocal talent, Raine is a versatile and accomplished singer/songwriter with an eclectic mixture of funky dance pop songs, timeless ballads and mid-tempo catchy melodies. By masterfully blending uptempo beats with sensitive lyrics and timeless melodies, Raine’s music evokes a cheerful energy with powerful and poignant sentiment. Renowned vocal coach, Seth Riggs has described Raine’s vocal ability as ‘A wonderful voice, an A1 voice’.

Born in England, she emigrated to Canada as a child and later commenced a music career that has brought her international critical acclaim in magazines such as Billboard Magazine. A seasoned performer, Raine has toured extensively in Canada. Her music has received radio airplay in the United States, Canada and Europe and broadcast on television shows in Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States including MTV’s ‘Cribs’ and ‘Becoming Enrique Iglesias’.

For more reviews, information and fan feedback on Raine visit her website www.raine.ca

Alternate search words: female singer songwriter, piano music, warm vocals, dance, electronic, pop.
  • Country: Canada
  • Languages: English