Pierre Peter


i was born and currently based in Athens,Greece.I consider myself a versatile sound artist, that have worn the hats of composer,guitarist,producer,educator,songwriter,engineer,sound designer,sound consultant,multimediaartist,performer, and entrepreneur.
Guitarist,composer and founding member of rock band ''Ocean Mind'' with which since 2008,havereleased 3 studio albums (internationally distributed).I have performed in many live concerts,always featured in worlds top social media.
As a guitarist, composer, producer, mixing-mastering engineer,have participated in alarge number of projects.
My latest occupations concern:
Preparing a series of educational couses for e-learning platforms in the field of MusicTechnology and Sound Production.
Music scoring for 2 films and a short documentary.
Sound design for sample library companies.

Over the years,I have composed and recorded a serious amount of music themes,scores for short films and documentaries,trailers etc.as well as soundscapes and samples for audio libraries and films,You can check these samples on my profile folders.
  • Country: Greece
  • Languages: English
  • Primary Focus: Musician