Peter White


When I watch Films, Television, or even play Video Games, I find the music makes or breaks the experience for me. Music grabs my heart more than anything, and when combined with great visuals, I will never forget it. I have been composing and arranging for 15 years, and have worked on several small films that have played on television and film festivals. My pieces are mostly orchestrated, with a bit of a modern sound here and there, heavy on strings and movement, full of emotion. I love to take a motif and work it different ways, depending on what\'s called for. You should be able to close your eyes, and feel what the scene is about from the audio cues. I feel my music should get you excited in an action piece, or make you afraid of what will happen next in a horror film, or give you that heavy heart in a romantic scene, work with the film, and not just be background music.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English