Neon Blue


Hi, this is Em. I’m a Bay Area based composer & designer. Like most lovers of music, film and fashion, I have this fascination with delicate, beautiful images and moments in our life. I used that passion to compose songs that express the ultimate aesthetics of these brilliant sparks.
I'm currently doing some design work but I also want to be close or involved in the music/film world. So I'd like to have some film music/game music work to work on and in the meantime meet awesome filmmakers.
Since my schedule is not that flexible right now (I have a full-time day job), I would expect the pay to be considerably low (or sometimes it can be free if I find something I'm really interested or someone I really want to work with) cuz my primary goal is to work on something I like. But don't worry about the quality. Though I can't work on it 24 hours a day, I will spend whatever time I have after my off-work time to work on it. Again, I love what I do so I would sacrifice anything (like sleep time) to work on it to make sure I deliver the best I can deliver.
Indie filmmakers, let me know if you need a passionate film composer! I'm always seeking film music gigs!
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English