Since 1987, Elgin (Mr. Jonzon) Johnson has been composing music and considers himself the seasoned veteran you have never heard before. It all started in school where he had to write an English class project showing how rhymes from Run-DMC are modern day poetry. He received an “A” for his paper and a love for Hip-Hop. Mr. Jonzon’s musical influence ranges from Blues to Heavy Metal and is a definite reflection in his work. As a member of the Unorthodox Music Group and ZZoundPool, Elgin hopes to bring balance to the music industry by producing quality and not the forgettable quantity of music

Philadelphia, PA was the stomping grounds for many of Hip-Hop’s pioneers such as Will Smith (Fresh Prince), Steady B and Schoolly D. Inside the heart of Philadelphia is a town called Winnefield Hilltop Parkside, the birthplace of Mr. Jonzon. He got his love of producing music when he was a rap artist himself. Tired of trying to track down producers who could never really understand his visions, Mr. Jonzon decided to create his own sound. He would bring sample material to the beat makers and show them how to fit it into a song.

One of the producers Mr. Jonzon credits as a major influence and mentor is the late Steve "Def Left " who at the time had a group which included Kool Kraig and Benny Boom, the famed video and movie director. A defining moment in his career came from a conversation with Def Left months before he died. He recalls Deft Left saying, "Yo man you don't need me, you’re good enough to do this yourself." Mr. Jonzon acquired the Ensoniq ASR 10, and started on his Journey to becoming the best artist and producer he could be.

Mr. Jonzon has a stable of up & coming artists that he has been developing including Dilligaf. This highly lyrical artist has been blowing up in the underground scene with his gritty rendition of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” remix called "You Know Very Well." This and other re-made songs will be included in his upcoming EP called "Not So Oldies but Goodies." The Full length album "Do I Look Like I Give A???????” was Produced by Mr. Jonzon.
He currently makes up one half of the Duo "The StoneJonzon Project" with Simon Stone; former member of Atlanta, Georgia's own international band "Heavy Mojo." He serves as the DJ and sole producer of the project. Simon Stone commented on an interview that can be found on YouTube stating: "Mr. Jonzon is a producer not just a person who makes beats. Anybody can make beats but when it comes to the mixing, the arrangements, the ability of making your visions come alive and still be relevant in today’s industry, Mr. Jonzon got this hands down.”

Mr. Jonzon states, “I thought now was the time to do this, not just for real hip hop fans, but to prove to myself I can do it.” His brilliant use of live instruments, samples and his beat machine makes his sound unique and refreshing. He is on course to becoming the most sought after producer/composer in the industry.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English
  • Primary Focus: Musician