Marco Tentori


Composer and Sound designer for various soundtracks (film, video, cartoons, documentaries, commercials, jingles, video art, performances, etc.), as well as author of electronic music and instrumental, posted in other contexts and situations ( festivals, concerts, installations, etc..) Classical studies in composition and electronic composition. Electronic and instrumental compositions in the field of music "not applied" received various international awards: -1 first prize at the international composition competition "art without frontiers" of Trieste 2001 -2° Prize in the competition Alice Bel Colle (2003) international composition of Alexandria and the Novurgia composition competition (2004) in Milan – honorable mention in the international competition of electronic composition "PierreSchaeffer" (2003), finalist the International Electroacustic Music Competition "MusicaNova2012" in Czech Republic – in call of electroacoustic works held by Federazione CEMAT (2006 CD "listening Points" distributed by Auditorium Editions – Milan)-selection in call Medea ElectroMediaWorks Greece-08 "Electronique" selection in the Third International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music "Prize competition 2010" in Argentina, Destellos "call for radio projects" in Lisbon as well as executions in concerts, festivals, and radio:-Pavia, Milan, Trieste (festival Luigi Nono), Rome (EMUFEST 2013 International Electroacustic Music Festival)-Spain (Zeppelin 2008-2009 "Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona"), Greece (ElectroMediaWorks 08), Colombia ( Festival Internacional de la Imagen "Puente sound"), USA (New York Penn Station New York Miniaturist Ensemble), Germany (Errant Bodies project space-The Stranger that is next to me-Berlin) – radio KUNM (New Mexico), radio Libertaire (France), radio (Portugal), web radio CEMAT (Italy), web radioTaukay (Italy). He also works on Commission by creating electronic music compositions on request: • acousmatic/experimental/electronic instrumental music with instrumental music • • containing sound effects • classic styling cues that may contain instrumental music/Baroque/ pop/folk/experimental/minimal/romance/... • sound effects horror/funny/ironic/etc. ..
  • Country: Italy
  • Languages: Italian