Manuel Marino


With orchestral instruments and synthesizers, Italian composer Manuel Marino creates a circumambient musical flow, taking you first to the distant and icy plains of Pluto, then back in time, where you\'ll mingle with the shoguns of Japan and explore England\'s age of chivalry. From intergalactic battles to dystopian visions of society, infinite space is the only limit for Marino and his music.

♫\"I think that Manuel\'s ability to work closely and confidentially is one of his strongest suits.\" Philip Kee

♫\"Manuel is definately a man with strong credibility. This is the type of person you would want to do business with.\" Steve

♫\"Manuel Marino is a classic example of the best there is to offer in the music production marketplace.\" William Giba

♫\"Simply Outstanding!\" Mike Gardner

♫\"Manuel Marino is a creative genius.\" Kevin Reifler

♫ Great Results
♫ On Time
♫ High Integrity
  • Country: Italy
  • Languages: English