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Gill: is a professional - organic/electronic musician and composer skilled in a variety of styles, soundscapes and film composition techniques.

Gill has worked in both Europe and USA on various cooperative musical and new-media projects over the last 20 years. Primarily skilled in guitar, piano and a ton of Mac & PC studio software � his current commercial musical endeavors include:

Produced and arranged both his own singer/songwriter material and that of other local Brooklyn talent for live performance and Internet distribution

Completed recent 2002/3/4/5/8 albums profiling talents, styles and current musical direction

Wrote music for new Broadway production of \"Shirley Valentine\" at the Sanford Meisner theatre starring Marianne Matthews & \"Second\" Neil Utterback

Worked in a New York media house specializing in music and sonic opportunities for TV Commercials and Sound Branding...

Albums recently published on �SMIRK� (ASCAP) label:

Ellery Sage Sings Songs of Soul (SMIRK 1999)
Be There Now (SMIRK 2002)
Prizes from the Groove Arcade (Dent R/SMIRK)
Deadbeat Alien Workshop - (SMIRK 2006)
Speactacles Testicles - (Smirk 2008)

Film Scoring (w/ Final Cut Pro, DP5, Pro Tools + many other film-related apps, toys & plug-ins)

I would really appreciate working with you on your project


  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English