Farouk Skylight


I am greatly inspired by composers like Thomas Newman , John Williams , James Horner. The guys that make magic through song , that give you that feeling of nostalgia and wonderment. My mission is to bring magic through melody and musical composition , and play the heart strings of the millions of people who feel the same way as i do. When you hear a Thomas Newman sound in a movie like Finding Nemo , or James Horner at then end of titanic , it makes a huge difference in controlling the emotions in different scenes. I've always been fascinated by that the power of melody. I am also inspired by Michael Jackson who taught me "Melody is King". I feel blessed to create beautiful music and hope to bring joy , happiness , and gratitude towards life when through my music. I want to accomplish that and inspire the next generation to follow suit.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English
  • Primary Focus: Musician