Daniel Crommie


Daniel Crommie is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (mandolins, mountain dulcimer, buche, balalaika, recorders, flutes, synthesizers, etc.) and producer (Janie Mitchell, Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Group Du Jour, Saturnalia Trio, Lew Jones, Karen Searcy) who has released over two dozen solo albums, numerous albums with Group Du Jour, four with Echo System and five with Saturnalia Trio over the last 25 years on the New Weave label. Not content to adhere to any singular flavor or color, Daniel Crommie\'s musical palette includes forays into medieval, techno-pop, folk, ambient, electronic and experimental genres using a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instruments. A founding member of Group Du Jour, Echo System, Continuum and most recently Saturnalia Trio, Daniel\'s music has been critically hailed as far afield as Yugoslavia, England, Russia and Japan, and has been featured in several French & American television documentaries and films. In 2009 Daniel Crommie began collaborating with Glyn Havard of Jade Warrior, producing "Between the Darkness and the Dawn" in 2010 and \"Aquarius In Retrograde\" in 2012. A new collaborative album \"Rotation\" will be released in spring 2013.

Solo Discography:

Skeletons (1978)
Wintry Hymns To Mayday (1979)
The Fishermans Path (1983)
Polarity (1984)
Miniatures (1984)
Home Movies (1985)
Home Movies Volume 2 (1986)
Animosity (1987)
Info (1988)
Raised by Piranha (1988)
Precious Time (1989)
Shadowgraph (1991)
Skybridge (1991)
Chrysanthemum (1993)
At the Waters Edge (1993)
Quiet Night (1993)
The Feast of Saturnalia (1995)
When Wendy Was Walter (1999)
Creatures of Habit (2003)
Sargasso Manuscript (2005)
Xmas Bootleg (2005)
The Last Thing I Remember (2006)
Life Rattle (2009)
Solstice Sketches (2010)
Blue Microdot Breakfast (2011)
A Silent Sea (2013)
Penumbra - Summer Solstice Sketches (2014)
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English