Listed on IMDB as C.S. Elliott

Notable films and events;

*** NBC\'s \'CRUSOE\'; for \'The Making of CRUSOE\' some of C.S.Elliott\'s music was used!
*** Eric Douglas [youngest son of Kirk Douglas and brother of Michael Douglas]
stars in the awards winning short film \"Words Left Unsaid\" of which C.S.Elliott was the composer {wall to wall music!}].

*** Awards winning short film \"Katrina Pets\" of which C,S,Elliott composed the original music.
[many more films, listed below]

*** C.S.Elliott studied film score at UCLA under Robert Drasnin, composer for many TV series such as \"The Alfred Hitchcock Hour\", \"The Wild, Wild West\", and \"Mission Impossible\"; and president of CBS Music for 14 years!

*** Herman\'s Hermits\' Peter Noone [Lead Singer and Writer of numerous No.1 Hit songs] of which C.S.Elliott played keyboard brass live on stage in concert. Also \"The Tokens\" [\"The Lion Sleeps Tonight\"]!

*** Famous name touring bands of which C.S.Elliott provided live sound production

*** Metro Detroit Music Award winner!

Craig Elliott is a music composer of several genres [specializing in live
and/or computer based orchestral film score].

Composer of live and recorded music for over 35 years, C.S.Elliott has
recently moved to LA to score for film, full-time.

C.S. has written hundreds of original compositions and hundreds of
arrangements for: film orchestra, adult and children\'s choir, live
orchestra, small ensembles, marching band, jazz band, concert band, rock
bands, HIP-HOP, R&B, etc.

Metro Detroit Music Award Composer Recipient - 1995 C.S.Elliott & Royce Javan
Top 40 band leader of the very successful Detroit based band: \"Think Pink\", based on the earlier band \"Expedition\".

Recently moved to LA to SCORE FILM & TV MUSIC full time.
ORIGINAL CREDITS SINCE 2004 [not including arrangements]:
KW Films: \'Words Left Unsaid\', \'Bloodline\', \'Simply Lost\'
Dream Cafe Productions: \'Love For Francis\', \'Katrina Pets\'
\'Old Maid\' (animated short); Ryan Estrada

Several features and many film shorts; many, many compositions for TV/film

I have years-long affiliations, working with two directors, one who writes, films, and edits art
documentary and biography films. The other writes and edits personal
drama to sci-fi action films.
Currently composing for several films, including at least one feature and
several shorts; also under contract with LA and Toronto based music libraries.

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  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English