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When you think of the South and Hip-Hop you often think of Atlanta, Houston, Louisiana or even Miami. Somehow South Carolina gets overlooked. Chop Dezol, a laid back playa out of Anderson, South Cak, is determined to leave his own mark and make his presence felt in the music industry and to ensure his movement is never overlooked.

Anderson, South Carolina is a small blue-collar town where back in the day there wasn’t much activity other than the mills and hustling. As a youngster Chop remembers hanging out with his older brother at the local Hip-Hop clubs, skating rink parties and in the streets with just a boom box and a dream. As Chop was coming of age, so was Hip-Hop, and it played a major role in his life. The influence of historic greats such as Eric B. & Rakim, Public Enemy and LL Cool J was undeniable. Chop has an immense respect and love for how those legends helped to not only mold, but to mobilize Hip-Hop as an art form and culture. There were also artists down south who popularized the bass movement in the clubs, and then not to far from chops home, a short ride down 85 south in ATL there was an musical explosion shortly thereafter. However, it was the ‘Gangsta Rap’ element that had the most dramatic effect on Chop. He was able to easily identify with the depth and substance and found that writing about his real life experiences to be a release. To an extent, that motivated Chop to elevate his grind and mind to another level. It was then that Chop heard the call of the streets and accepted the challenge of taking his passion forward, which until then had just been a hobby, to pursue a career in the music industry.

Chop Dezol put his bid in as a player in vicious game without a hefty budget. His successes thus far have been built on the love that people have showed him and their understanding of his music. Through his rhymes, Chop has paid homage to the streets and the world that has contributed to his development as an artist, and as a man. Chop Dezol is an authentic artist—one who represents the reality of his people and himself. Chop says, “I can’t afford to give’em anything that isn’t real—all hustle and talent.” Chop’s trademark flow and clever lyrical intercourse are infectious while ability to compose music based on various concepts makes him a diverse artist with cross-market appeal.

Chop’s music has already gotten spins in major markets and when he released Open Bar the response was overwhelming. Two of the singles “Round Here” and “Throw Sumphin” were embraced by radio nationwide and eventually his music was leaked overseas. (“Throw Sumphin” was also included on the soundtrack for Ice T’s movie Pimpin 101.) Chop’s latest Single ‘Pump It’ features one of the most respected artists out of the south, Sean Paul of The Youngbloodz and is impacting radio across the country (SC, TX, RI, CT, NJ, FL, IA, MA, MO and more) as well as the internet.Chop was also a headliner at the Kwaku festival, one of the largest multi-cultural music festivals in Amsterdam, in addition to being a sought after performer in England and Germany. Chop was featured on Akinyele’s single “Down South”, which can be found on the Octupussy album. Chop was also a guest artist on the Southern Swang tour with Bubba Sparxxx, Three 6 Mafia and Pastor Troy and has also opened for Nelly, Akinyele, Ying Yang Twins and Noreaga.

Not one to ever forget where he comes from, Chop has maintained a sense of integrity and humility that belie the successes he has already experienced. Tenmil, Chop’s hometown crew, has been a source of inspiration for him throughout this journey and listening audiences in every hood can look out for their mixtape “Eat or Get Ate”, which will hit the streets in the upcoming months. As a solo artist on MCS Entertainment/Fontana, Chop is looking forward to promoting Clubs, Cars and Corners.

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