Brian Donovan


Brian graduated from Berklee College of Music and provides songwriting, composing & voiceovers.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Brian writes, arranges, performs, and records in many genres using his own studio, with fast turnaround times and reasonable rates. He has worked with many well known recording artists and companies, such as Barry Manilow, Mickey Rooney, ABC, USA, The CW Network, and Disney. With over 20 years of experience in all manner of music and post production, he is skilled at working closely with his clients to make the process of creating music an enjoyable experience.

Brian is an accomplished composer, having been nominated for the ISA award "Best Original Score" for his work on the web series, “Stan Lee’s Sweethearts Of The Galaxy”. He writes fluently in many musical styles, and occasionally, releases his own pop/rock music. The sound of Brian's work varies greatly based on each project’s requirements, and relies on his ability to dissect musical genres, both ancient and modern. This enables Brian to write in a specific style, or seamlessly blend genres for a unique sonic pallet that is both new, yet completely familiar. Additionally, the emotions that Brian evokes in his work is grounded from his mixture of the computer-generated, picture-perfect music of today, with the heart and soul of organic sound design and real live musicians.

Brian is an ideal choice for producers, directors, and music supervisors as he has worked in all of those capacities to gain a deep understanding of their needs. He makes it a point to combine all of his abilities on projects with respectful, friend-driven relationships and outstanding communication.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English