AMAZE met the love of his life at the tender age of five. It was at a music store in Germany where the pushing of a piano key triggered the darkest and warmest resonating tone he, at that time, had yet to ever experience. No other hobby or amusement was even close to giving him the same feeling. The seed was planted and AMAZE submerged his self with practicing, performing and playing various instruments. This amplified his interest in music even more since he was now able to come up with his own musical creations.

In May of 2005 AMAZE moved to Los Angeles, California, knowing that all he wanted was to achieve a career in music. He started experimenting by mixing and blending orchestral sounds with the dark bass and heavy drums of Hip-Hop. Spending more and more time with other musicians, he was consumed with thoughts of music; new creations and styles, it was science. His mind and heart agreed; music was to be his sole purpose for living. AMAZE then began to compose, write and record his first album, hungry for new experiences and ready to progress with new skills. His first Album was self-released in January 2007; one of AMAZE\'s personal goals had been achieved. Everyday he dedicates his time relentlessly trying to come up with new genres and styles that the inhabitants of the world have yet to pound their eardrums to.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English