Alyssa Anjelica James


Comedy and the environment may be an unusual combination, but AlyssA Angelica James has successfully merged both, using stand-up comedy to create awareness about green issues. And now, she has added music into the mix with her debut eco-conscious album Within.

It"™s not surprising that the new album is now making waves among music lovers and environmentalists alike. James' sound covers a range of genres--including pop, folk, and jazz--and the 'eco-tainment' pioneer incorporates soulful lyrics with an eco twist. "Earth Child", the first track off the album, was apparently inspired by chanting in a yoga class and by James"™ love of nature. Another track, titled "Pure and Holy", is about the impact of government and big business on the environment. It seems like heavy stuff, but James' sweet-yet-soothing chanteuse-like voice gives her music a radio-friendly quality.

According to a press release, James became passionate about living an eco-friendly and holistic lifestyle after being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. After 10 years of hospitalizations and medications, James set out to live a holistic lifestyle. "Creating eco-music and comedy really became therapeutic for me," says James.
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English