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Three Important Points To Consider When Film Composing

Film Music Agent | Posted on June 10, 2006

So what are the crucial skills to have as a film & television composer? As you can imagine, there are always unique demands for each project. I've learned how to navigate a few common issues (through the school of hard knocks) that have helped me to enjoy a smoother ride on each successive project I've worked on. If you're still crazy enough to want make a living as a film composer, I hope that these experiences can be of use to you;

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Feeling The Music: How To Score Big

Film Music Agent | Posted on March 30, 2006

Let's face it -- I've been a composer since I was four. My dad had an old Gibson guitar, and though I couldn't begin to figure out the fingering on the fret board, I could pluck. So I plucked two strings, two notes, back and forth until I created a vocal melody line over the top, and slapped some little lyrics I made up in the middle until bingo, I had a song.

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