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Creating an Effective Press Kit

Film Music Agent | Posted on October 03, 2007

When it comes to promoting your film, you'll want to have a press kit to give to media contacts and investors. Just what is a press kit? It's a package, focused towards media, that gives background information about your company, your film(s), and other important information about you or your works you wish to share. It's the 'who', 'what' and 'why' of your business and can be a first impression on the masses.

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How To Get Your Music In Movies By Getting Yourself In Movies

Film Music Agent | Posted on September 20, 2006

Film licensing is only a small part of my business as a music artist. My tips here are for people looking to get started and get some experience with this part of the business. You won't get rich at this right away, but it will get you started. And if you are looking to make licensing and scoring a big part of your income, this is only the beginning of the networking you'll need to do.

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