We help independent filmmakers connect with independent musicians.

We help independent filmmakers connect with independent musicians. Since 2001, we have assisted over 1,500 projects worldwide.

    Where we have helped:

  • Youtube Channels
  • Independent films (all size of budgets)
  • Film school projects
  • Game developers
  • Digital features and short films
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate projects and demonstrations
  • TV shows & pilots
  • Commercials

    Features of our site:

  • Search through our database of musicians seeking to work with filmmakers
  • Search through our database of filmmakers wanting to collaborate with other filmmakers
  • Post your latest project needs online for free and screen through the responses yourself

How Posting a Project Can Help You:

First you must post a project on our site and include details about what it is you need. We send out these details to our database based upon what it is you need, whether it is a musician, composer, a filmmaker, etc. You and the responders will make contact directly, we do not moderate anything. All details and agreements are made directly between you and the contacts you make. We do not take a cut of any money you negotiate.

Non Exclusive:

We're not a licensing company, so you are free to list yourself any where else you want. We take no control over your work! Our site only connects you directly with filmmakers and musicians, there are no agreements with us to sign.

Your Information is sent out monthly:

Filmmakers and musicians have the option to receive an e-mail every month filled with a list of featured members from our site. Make sure and describe yourself as best you can so that your information will stick out from the others.

Costs of this Service:

Creating a profile is free. To view listings on our site requires an upgraded Membership. Upgraded memberships offer the ability to upload audios and videos along with several other advanced features.


One of the main features of this service are the notification e-mails we send you. If your profile matches up with someone's needs, you will receive a notification e-mail from us. It is then up to you to initiate a conversation with that person.

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