The Importance of Persistence

Eddie Grey | Posted on

It has been about 3 years since I first began this journey as a Composer. Mind you, I have been creating music since the ripe old age of 11. I have evolved with time.

Like many young kids who wish to become Rock Stars, I toured and recorded albums, played the now extinct House of Blues, sold out the Hotel Cafe, and did residencies all around L.A (including the Witz End which was a magical place). After my residency there, I fell into a kind of depression and laid around and played video games for 1 month. At the end of that month, I noticed I had made an extra $1,500 dollars in my bank account. Given that I had done nothing but play NBA2K, I knew something special was going on.

Well it turned out that about a year earlier, I met a Music Supervisor and I gave her my songs to pitch. Because of my lack of knowledge of the industry (and perhaps a slight jaded attitude about music), I thought nothing would ever come. Well it did and it forever altered the course of my journey.

I went full speed ahead and have not stopped since. I use to have no connections and knew nothing about music production. I am proud to say that I just finished Composing my first show for A&E, I have clients from different parts of the world that pay me to make music for them, I have thousands of placements on Television, and I am staying busy.

I am as hungry as ever to learn. Learn the art of patience and being consistent through the ups and the downs and that takes PERSISTENCE. Keep showing up and BE IN THE MUSIC. Love what you do and do what you LOVE.

Keep Your Frequency High,
Eddie Grey